Thursday, July 24, 2008

How to shoot Aquarium

I have beautiful 300 liters aquarium full with African Tropheus fish. This fish are extremely interesting. They behave like sea fish.

I have some photos of Tropheus Pemba and Ciprohromise. If anytime you try to shoot fish. O, God it's difficult. All the fish moving, the glass is like a bad lens and there are many small pieces in the water. So when you shoot aqurium you need to make:

1. Clean all the glasses and wait pump to clean for 3-4 hours

2. Stop all the equipment - filter pump, heater... and removed from the aquarium

3. Put the flashes (I use my Canon 580II on my camera and Canon430EX) on the top glas of the aquarium

4. Is very useful to put black carpet, or some black paper up front aquarium. Then make in the middle whole, where your lens will be. In this way we eliminate all reflection of us and the light from the main flash.

5. Be patient. Put high speed, f14-22 and 200ISO. I use my Canon Macro 50/f2,5 lens. Make manual focus and wait fish to move through your focus zone. Shoot it!

After all you have to download photos to computer and the works is going to start. Choose the best sharper and good composition photos. Open it in Photoshop and make next corrections. *with clone stamp tool remove all the color peace in the water to make water clean, *go to image-adjustments-levels and strength the contrast, *apply filter-unsharp masks (300%, radius 0,1 or 0,2).

Sometimes I need to shoot 3-4 hours before take the good picture. The aquarium photography is very dynamic and fish all the time change positions. It's extremely important to have good synchron between flashes to make shure that you shoot in good light. There are moments when the second flash not fleshed and... the picture is too dark in the background. I prefer to shoot more lighter aquarium photos than darker. So be patient and don't stop trying. Keep going and you will have good success.

So now you can have nice aquarium photos!

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