Monday, July 21, 2008

Sonq Vasi photos

Recently I had opportunity to work with famous Sonq Vassi. We made photo shoot for Coiffure Beauty magazine. I use my old Canon rebel (300d) with one of the best canon lens 70-200 L/f4. I used two lighting source on left and right and blend downside. The Blend was to reflect light from my studio lights. I used a soft boxe and umbrella on the right.
So here we are. My friend Vili Borshukova made the make-up and the hair too. A few hours works and we had some very nice shots. Sonq behaved as an good professionalist . She did everything right and was pleasure to shot with her.
The man on the picture is a friend of Sonq. He play drums and both of them were some good poses for shooting. I will upload the lighting set up for his shot. See Beginners tips for advices.

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