Sunday, August 3, 2008

From Beginners to Professional Photography

Here are some bases of the Digital Photography. Today, it’s so popular in the business industry, as well as for personal use. There are some terms that related to Digital Photography and you will know that.

1. Pixel – this is a like an atom - means the smallest part of the digital picture. Whole digital photo is made of combined millions of pixel.

2. Resolution - over all quantity of pixels in a picture. More resolution is better to make the picture sharper. 8 Mega pixels photo can enlarge to 20x30 cm paper prints even more with good quality.

3. Dots Per Inch (DPI) is a term to describe quality of the computer monitor and printer. If you have laser printers it will have more dpi resolution than monitors. The goal is - higher dpi resolution, better quality.

4. JPEG (joint photographic experts group) – may be the most spread format for saving images in the digital camera. The JPEG format is a special compression that makes photos with smaller file size, and it keeps the quality. Well, the new Digital Camera has RAW format, it’s the best for shooting. It keeps the information from the digital processor directly. The file size in RAW on my camera (Canon 5D) is about 12 Megabytes. The JPEG file size from Canon 5D is about 4 Megabytes. So the JPEG is good, but if you have RAW option used it for better results.

5. Memory Card – Digital camera stored the files there. You can check the prices of different memory cards at Adorama store, or B&H photo… Memory card with higher storage capacity would be more convenient to purchase.

6. LCD (liquid crystal display) – Your first assistance when you check your shooting and to be able to view the scene first before capturing the photo. In some Digital Cameras you can view the histogram (darker-whiter curve) to make some adjustments for the better picture.

So this was the beginning of your Digital photography journey. The next few easy steps will help you to discuss basically on correct handling of digital camera.

If you have proper handling of digital camera you will move forward in digital photography. The main key is not only what camera you use, but how you the digital camera.

Below is the second part of the digital photography tutorial. These are good ideas to help beginner master the secrets of taking photos.

1.The subject: Pay attention on it

Composing well and everybody will like your photos. Play with your camera, change the angels, and be creative. Don’t center the subject at the center of frame. It makes boring and static image.

2. Close Up Photos

Close up photos are great pictures. This kind of picture present the world in details. The eyes, hand, ring… can be very dramatic shoots. See, think fast and shoot.

3. Tripod

Tripods help you to make sharp pictures. Very often your hand move a little, especially if you shoot in slow speed and the result is blurry photographs. Taking the night picture – always use tripod.

4. Action

Be active to create creative shots. Go at the top of a hill or take lowest angle. Explore your environment, don’t stop, and keep moving.

5. Improve your photography skills

To be able to learn from an expert is a big advantage. Try to join photography class. There are some very good online classes you can log on.

This tutorial is a very basic starting point in your learning way. To be a professional photographer takes time, but it is impossible. Try new techniques, and don’t stop to experiment playing with your digital camera.

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