Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My new 5D comes in two weeks

Hi everyone! I just ordered my new 5D and I cant wait to receive it. Now I photographing with 350D, but 5D is another story! It 2 year old model but exelent picture quality at full frame matrix. It comes with 24-105 4L lens, grip, canon 580IIEX and 2x4Gb extreem memory card.
I'm going to make some test with new one and I will publish here.

350d is working for me, but I need more quality, less noise and good colour. Definately 350D is good for it's money. I have 50 1,4 and 50 2,5 macro. The last one is sharp and working pretty well. In portraits it has good detail, especialy in hair. Here is some shot with 350D. The girl was shot with soft box studio light (left and above) and white reflector in the right. The lens is 50 1,4 USM.

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