Thursday, February 14, 2008

First impression of Canon 5d

My new Canon 5d is already here! The set containsCanon 5d, 24-105 L (Image Stability), Canon Speedlite 580II, 2x4GB Compact Flash memory. I had the opportunity to use it for the first time while shooting reportage. I have taken some photos of Bill Hybels, whom you see in the photo. My first impressions about the camera are:


- Balanced weight of the body and the lensesthe grip helps for that balancing, as well as the vertical trigger which is perfect for vertical shooting

- an easy access to the functions for Iso, White balance – I do not need to search for them in the menu, they have been taken outside it with buttons

- big 3” display, quick overview showing the exactness of the zooming

- wide glass (there is no built in flash) – there is the ability to cover a larger area of the shot

- very little noise in 1600 iso


- the body of the camera, the lenses (24-105L) and the flash are pretty heavywhen used for a long time the hands get tired (heavy)

- the vignetation of the anglesin 24 mm one can clearly see the vignetation of the full frame matrix

- the lenses have diaphragm 4, if it had 2,8 it would have been better for a reportage

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